More Updates from Special Election

 It now looks like people will be choosing from just three candidates instead of four in the special election for Alaska’s next representative in Washington. As Your Alaska Link’s Trill gGates reports, the fallout continues from Al Gross withdrawing.

Fifth place Tara Sweeney may not be moving on as the drama continues in the race to fill the seat left vacant by the death of Alaska congressman Don Young. according to the Division of Elections, Sweeney is ineligible to fill the vacant spot because it’s less than the required 64 days from the August special election.

“The division’s interpretation of the law is that the fifth place candidate does not move up into spot number four.” – Gail Fenumiai/Director of Elections

Sweeney’s campaign manager responded in a tweet saying, ‘We do not intend to contest the division of elections current opinion. We believe they will ultimately come to the right decision on this matter.’ Republican Nick Begich says it’s all in the fine print.

“And the law in this case is very prescriptive and it’s very clear that that no one advances under those circumstances into that fourth place position.” – Nick Begich/(R) Candidate for US House of Representatives

Democratic candidate Mary Peltola is a good friend of Sweeney’s and thinks the shuffling adds to an already confusing election.

“When you go from a field of four to a field of three, when we’re when it’s designed to be ranking one, two, three, four, and it really changes the dynamics then when it when it becomes a field of three.” – Mary Peltola/(D) Candidate for US House of Representatives

Frontrunner Sarah Palin posted on social media today that she hopes Al Gross supporters will consider voting for her. The special election when voters will choose Alaska’s next US Representative is August 16th. Trill Gates, Your Alaska Link.