A Milk Mix up at a Juneau School


The similar appearance of floor sealant and milk is causing concern for many parents in Anchorage. Your Alaska Link’s La’shawn Donelson gets reaction about the milk mix up at a Juneau school. 

Kids were given a floor sealant at a school in Alaska. And we talked to residents in Anchorage about how they’re protecting their children in summer school.

“Well, I send them to summer camp or anything with their own drinks.” – Nancy Nowak/Anchorage Resident

Anchorage resident Nancy Nowak says parents should be purchasing what their child drinks. Another resident believes that summer school is too costly for accidents like this to happen.

“All summer programs are very expensive. So you were expecting that kind of stuff not to happen.” – Arnulfo Bata/Anchorage Resident

Several caretakers have some recommendations when researching summer school programs. They care about the safety of kids.

“If my kid had any food allergies or stuff like that, like looking for those small red flags, so to speak, might give you a clue of how how much they care for the kids.” – Arnulfo Bata/Anchorage Resident

I reached out to Anchor School District for comment on how the school district is taking preventative measures. The Anchorage School District serves milk to students in cartons that come prepackaged directly from the manufacturer. The floor finish comes in a bag in a box style similar to beverage packages used in commercial kitchens through a dispenser. All beverages served by ASD are individual prepackaged cartons. ASD do not use drink dispensers at any of its sites. Juneau Superintendent Bridget Weiss says it is an active investigation and is working alongside Juneau police departments

“To understand all the pieces, all the steps along the way. So that’s what we’re doing. First, is to investigate how this happened.” – Bridget Weiss, Superintendent Of Juneau School District

12 kids and two adults have almost or are fully recovered. La’shawn Donelson, your Alaska link, Anchorage.