A New Homeless Shelter Has Opened In Anchorage.

Your Alaska Link’s Ian Stewart reports that the Sockeye Inn has been converted to a shelter and is now taking in individuals in need.

With less than 30 days till the Sullivan Arena closes its doors a homeless shelter the SockeyeIinn opens its doors. Operated by the Catholic Social Services the Sockeye Inn began operations today taking in those in need.

“Right now we are in the process of moving the guests that have been staying at brother francis over here and getting ready for this program to be open for its first night of service.”

David Rittenberg and Molly Cornish both with Catholic Social Services explain why the Sockeye Inn is a good location and how the program is going to start out.” – David Rittenberg/Sr. Director Of Adult Homeless Services

“Ultimately, this program is going to have 83 beds for our first couple of weeks. We are opening up the first in the second floor, which is going to be about 50 beds or so, and then we’re going to scale up that third floor at the end of the month.” – David Rittenberg/Sr. Director Of Adult Homeless Services

“It has a lot of features as far as ada access. We have elevators, so a lot of our guests here do use wheelchairs, and walkers So all those pieces, it’s a really great spot for us to be able to provide care for those people.” – Molly Cornish/Community Engagement Director

And Catholic Social Services said in a statement “the shelter is just one part of many services needed here in anchorage.”

“So a lot of our guests who are in need of health care services can access the caring clinic down at Brother Francis shelter, as well as receiving access or connection to benefits like social security or any other federal aid or state benefits.” – Molly Cornish/Community Engagement Director

And from the sounds of it, the guests are excited for the move.

“All of our guests, i think, are really happy to be moving over here today, and we’ve been in conversation with them for quite some time. Making sure that they knew what to expect, what this was going to be, making sure that they were ready to move. so this is a good day.” Molly Cornish/Community Engagement Director

The facilities intended for high needs individuals such as seniors or those with medical conditions, it will be by referral only. Ian Stewart Your Alaska Link Anchorage.