New Otter Pup Added to Alaska SeaLife Center

Alaska SeaLife Center admits a Sea Otter Pup from Kasilof. This patient is the second sea otter pup admitted to the Wildlife Response Program in 2021.

The Alaska SeaLife Center admitted an approximately four-month-old sea otter pup to the Wildlife Response Program on September 27th, 2021. The male sea otter pup was spotted on a beach near Kasilof with no other sea otters in sight. Once the Center was notified and arrived on the scene, it was confirmed he was stranded based on his very poor body condition. The team immediately noticed his prominent hip bones and spine and his lethargic demeanor. After receiving from approval U.S. Fish and Wildlife , the animal was transported to the SeaLife Center. The main concerns found by the veterinary team upon the initial admit exam were undernourishment and dehydration. His weight upon arrival was 11 pounds, which is significantly under the expected mass for an otter his age. It was clear that he had not eaten for some time and his gastrointestinal tract was empty. After a couple of days of fluid treatments and food he gained almost three pounds. While the pup is making progress each day, he is still a critical care patient. He is so underweight that Goertz even describes handling him as “picking up a furry bag of bones.” While it is critical for him to gain weight, it has to be a slow process. It is very important not to overwhelm his body as sea otters have a very sensitive gastrointestinal tract. Each day the team works to re-hydrate and add calories back to his emaciated system
The Alaska SeaLife Center’s Wildlife Response Program can provide care for animals like this sea otter pup because of donations from corporate sponsors and individual donors. People are encouraged to contribute to the care of this patient at