AK Sea Life and International Bird Rescue Reach Mutual Agreement

The Alaska SeaLife Center and International Bird Rescue finalized a mutual services agreement to train, prepare, and respond to wildlife impacted by oil spills together.

ASLC and IBR have a common mission of helping animals in need and after two years of strategizing have finalized an official partnership to strengthen oil spill response.

ASLC Chief Operating Officer, Chip explained “This union is critical because we will expand our response capabilities exponentially. We can do more for animals working together than working independently,”

The organizations boast a combined 70 plus years of knowledge in wildlife response. ASLC has over 20 years of experience rescuing and rehabilitating marine mammals throughout the state of Alaska. Additionally, ASLC created mobile response conex units in 2016 to deploy in the event of a spill.

These units provide the ability to bring a condensed version of the Center directly to affected zones. IBR has over 50 years of experience and expertise in managing wildlife programs in oil spills, predominantly caring for marine species of birds impacted by spills.