Alaska Air National Guard makes Rescue near Glennallen

The Alaska Air National Guard’s rescue coordination center rescued two all-terrain vehicle riders in Glennallen through a combined effort early morning on September 11th.

The individuals, a male and a female, were riding an atv in the Glennallen area when the female sustained an injury during an accident. They reached out to the Alaska state troopers using a commercial satellite communication device. Troopers sent the request for assistance to the coordination center at approximately 10 p m on September 10th.

The female sustained a head injury, and both individuals were suffering from hypothermia.

Multiple aircrafts with pararescue teams were deployed from joint base Elmendorf-Richardson toward Glennallen.

Despite inclement weather conditions, an aircraft was able to land 200 feet from the individuals so the pararescue team could medically assess and provided needed treatment to them.

The individuals were transported to providence Alaska medical center for further medical care.