Alaska Airlines Adds New Stops to Route

Alaska Airlines have put some new destinations on their map. Your Alaska Link’s Ian Stewart talked to the airline to see where they’re going.

If your plans for the summer involves going out of the state, then you’re in luck if you’re traveling via Alaska Airlines. The airline has added some new destinations to their map. So we talked to Tim Thompson about the changes.

“So we put some new dots on the map where Alaska airlines are going to be flying. And some of the larger ones are Cleveland, Miami going up from Boise to Las Vegas, Idaho Falls. And especially for our folks here and state of Alaska is Anchorage specifically we’re doing in Anchorage, Salt Lake City, direct route.” – Tim Thompson/Alaska Airlines Spokesman

And with the tourist season underway, it’s a pretty big step.

“We are in the middle of the summer season, as you could tell. You know, we have a lot of folks that are coming into the state, have a lot of folks that are also going out to sea, too. so we’re just happy that we’re able to make these connections warm.” – Tim Thompson/Alaska Airlines Spokesman

For one loyal passenger, though, they’re a little timid about the whole ordeal.

“I think flexibility is nice, but it goes back to my concern of, well, if you get over there and your flights get canceled because you don’t have an air crew. So if you don’t have air crew, and what’s the point of adding more flights? That’s where my question would be.” – Neil Hollowell/Passenger

While they’ve expanded their routes across the country, they are also in the process of hiring more staff for the airline.

“So far, we’ve had a really good June, and we’re looking forward to July and we’ll be increasing. We’re getting more pilots, more employees into the system, which will definitely help us stabilize the operation.” – Tim Thompson/Alaska Airlines Spokesman

The plan for the new routes is to make the Alaska Airlines network tighter and more expansive for the locals and for tourists. Ian Stewart, Your Alaska Link.