Alaska Special Election Update


He advanced, but now he has dropped out, shaking up Alaska’s congressional election. It was going to be the top 4 winners of the primary running for the general election in August, but with Al Gross bowing out, Alaskans will be choosing from the top 5 vote getters. Trill Gates explains.

This is what it’s all about, the race for Alaska’s lone congressional seat keeps getting more and more interesting. We started off the race with 48 candidates, including Santa Claus. Alaskans voted by mail, with the top four moving on to the general election.

The Alaska election office is busy, now that third place candidate Al Gross dropping from the race.

Sarah Palin, Nick Begich, and Mary Patola are in. Alaska law states that the withdrawn candidate is replaced by the candidate with the fifth most votes. That candidate appears to be Republican Tara Sweeney.

Today we caught up with second place candidate Nick Begich to get his thoughts on all the shuffling.

“Now that we have some of the machinations over the last twenty-four hours– who’s in, who’s just continues to add to the confusion that was already present.” Nick Begich

Sarah Palin commented, saying “nothing should surprise voters in this unconventional election. In many aspects, new voting systems are confusing at best, and not conducive to growing voter turnout. However, let’s not let that dampen enthusiasm to get government on the right track.”

In a press release, Gross said he decided it was too hard to run as a non-partisan candidate in this particular race.

He encouraged his supporters to consider giving their vote to Democratic candidate Mary Paltola or Republican candidate Tara Sweeny, both native Alaskans.

Trill Gates, Your Alaska Link.