Anchorage Residents React to Special Election Final Candidates

With Al Gross out of the race, some voters are pleased that two native Alaskans could end up on the ballot. Your Alaska Link’s Ian Stewart has reaction from Anchorage.

With the race narrowing down, now that Al Gross announces withdrawal from the race, people are pretty surprised.

“i didn’t actually expect it to be him dropping out so i was kind of surprised that it was al gross dropping out and not another of maybe the top two candidates. but yeah, i was just kind of surprised.” – Lisa Healow/Anchorage Resident

“It just started computing. I was a little surprised, but I think it was a good move on his part.” – Jessica Stern/Anchorage Resident

With Al Gross dropping out, the possibility of rRpublican candidate Tara Sweeney getting into the top four is very likely. If that is the case, that would mean that two native Alaskans would be in the running.

“Well, I really think it’s time that we’ve got somebody who is a woman and not white.” – Jessica Stern/Anchorage Resident

“I’m really hopeful that one of them will gain enough support in the state to be a contender in that election. Yeah.” – Lisa Healow/Anchorage Resident

Moving forward with the results of the special primary election, the lines are blurred for a lot of people of what can and can’t happen. candidate Nick Begich weighs in on the matter.

“I think the voters are really tired of these kind of games. we see a lot of political games being played. it needs to be something that’s straightforward, a system that we can have confidence in.” – Nick Begich/(R) U.S House Of Representatives Candidate

The unofficial results of those still in the race updated today on the division of elections website shows Sarah Palin still with the most votes, followed by Begich and the two native alaskan candidates, Mary Peltola and Tara Sweeney. Ian Stewart, Your Alaska Link. Anchorage.

Now if any of the other four candidates were to drop out — the next on the ballot would be Santa Claus who is an independent from the North Pole.