Anchorage Turkey Trot

We begin with a thanksgiving tradition for many families in Anchorage.

Your Alaska Link’s La’shawn Donelson shows us the big crowd that came out for the annual Turkey Trot.

Put in some effort this morning, oh right at the finish.

Community members came out to support and participate in the annual Turkey Trot in downtown Anchorage. Runners got their steps in this morning as they cross the finish line to complete the three K and five k run in the 11th annual turkey trot. It’s all sponsored by Skinny Raven Sports, and the Turkey Trot also gives back to the community,

“Partnering with the. Food bank to raise funds for them. Help just through additional fundraising and we do a skinny raven match on our side and collect food and try to raise awareness on the food insecurity and the need for food assistance in our community.”

Participants enjoyed this year’s trot.

“It’s a great way to start a Thanksgiving. It’s fun. There’s lots of people, there’s great energy and helps you burn some calories. I’m sure you have a great Thanksgiving dinner.”

“Great activity to do in the morning before we eat a bunch of food and take our nap in the afternoon and that food coma and support the food bank of Alaska. All the money goes to a really good cause.”

“Another good run in this year. It’s been a long time and getting back to having groups of people running is a lot of fun.”

With donations totaling $15,000 dollars just shy of their $20,000 dollar goal. Those who are interested, you still have the time to donate to the fundraiser. You can visit Skinny Raven dot com slash event slash turkey dash trot.

La’shawn Donelson Your Alaska Link