APD Warns How to Avoid Car Theft

We have some chilly news from the Anchorage Police Department.

Next month, it will be trick-or-treat season, however, it appears the trick came early when Alaska residents woke up and saw snow, and it is not going anytime soon.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to park their ride in a garage. If you park your mode of transportation outside, then you know how much fun it is to drive off in a cold car, or not.

The only thing worse than a cold vehicle, is none at all, as in, a stolen one. The Anchorage police would like to remind the public, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR UNATTENDED WITH A KEY INSIDE. Every year they see an increase in stolen cars when the temperature drops, and people start warming up their cars. If you do not have an auto start, then you must sit in your car while it gets warm.

Wrap yourself up in a blanket if you must but do not leave a running car by itself with the key in the ignition. Locking the doors doesn’t help either. All that gets you is a broken window AND a stolen vehicle.

If you see a vehicle prowler lurking in parking lots, a call at the Anchorage police department at 3-1-1, option #1. If your vehicle does get stolen, make sure you know the license plate AND make sure you are the registered owner, as they cannot take stolen vehicle reports from people they are not registered to. If you’ve been meaning to update the title on your car, now is a good time.