Behind the Scenes of ‘The Dirty Apron’

Want to learn how to cook or just test out your culinary skills? A new business in Anchorage is betting on it! Your Alaska Link’s La’shawn Donelson takes us inside ‘The Dirty Apron.”

Learning how to cook can be difficult, but here here at The Dirty Apron, they make it easier to get down and dirty in the kitchen. There’s something good cooking on the streets of Arctic Boulevard in a shopping center. The dirty apron brings out the chefs in you.

“Want people to feel empowered and have that kitchen confidence. So when you come here, it’s really a cooking experience. So you can come here not knowing how to cook and you’ll learn something. But you can also come here and just be with people who love to be around food and have a great time. Cook with a chef with full and with the recipes to take home and recreate for your family.”

And people who attend the cooking classes gets hands on experience with the chef.

“So more recipes, giving them time with the chefs so they can ask really specific questions and again, taking it home. Over in our retail section, whatever we use here in this kitchen, you can buy over there so you can be fully equipped to go home and recreate anything you need.”

The kitchen is a place of happiness.

“Done cooking with my family we had eaten. I plopped on the couch and I was filthy. And so I was like, That’s it. I am most fulfilled. I am most happy and content when my aprons dirty. And so we are the dirty apron.”

People are finding that anyone can be a chef. One user, one busy angel writes on Instagram This was so much fun while another user here there boutique says can’t wait to sign up with our kids. Cooking classes for November and December are still available. To find out how to book a cooking class for both adults and kids, you can visit the

La’shawn Donelson Your Alaska Link