Book Battle In Homer Over LGBTQ Content

Turning now to Homer, where dozens of books in the public library are being challenged. All of them are considered LGBTQ content.  Two petitions are being passed around — requesting that the books, which are children’s and young adult books, be removed completely from the library or moved to the adult section.

The director tells me: the library has a responsibility to represent the entire community, and the policy in place right now, is that everyone has a right to read.

“There’s no requirement that everyone is forced to read anything in particular in the collection, but likewise there’s no requirement that people can be prevented from reading. That’s the intent of this petition is actually to make it more difficult for children to access materials that maybe their parents want them to have.” – Dave Berry, Library Director

Community members will have a chance to speak out on this matter at an upcoming meeting that’s set for January 17th at the public library in Homer.