Caring Is Sharing, Annual Food Drive In Juneau

In the Juneau area: the southeast Alaska Food Bank is gearing up for its largest food drive of the year! The executive director tells me: winter is a critical time of year and this event helps make sure the food bank’s store and warehouse are both well-stocked.

“You know, Juneau is a hard place. We’re isolated. Cost of goods and services is a lot higher here. Housing is a lot higher. Food is a lot higher here.”

If people can come out and get some assistance from us with the food, then they can use that money for rent and gas and heating oil and things like that that they need, so we’re glad to end a helping hand. The big food drive is happening tomorrow from 8 a-m to 6 p-m at Superbear and Foodland IGA stores in Juneau. To see a list of items that are most needed just head to SEALASKAFOODBANK.ORG