Child Safety Tips During the Summer

It is summer time and kids are spending more time outside with their friends. This can present a special challenge for parents trying to keep an eye out for their children. Your Alaska Link’s La’shawn Donelson has experts’ recommendations for parents to keep their child safe.

I’m taking part in some activities and I reminded to be aware of where their children are. And we speak to experts about safety. Experts say one big issue this time of year is children who are missing.

“If the child has already gone missing, then what I recommend for parents to do is try and look for their child or try to figure out where they might be. First thing they need to do a search, their own house, their own room around the area of their own house to see if maybe they’re hiding.” – Sergeant Todd Kearns/Anchorage Police

Some parents we talked to have their own ways to keep track of their kids.

“Most importantly, we’ve been having conversations about safe adults and trust and trusting your instincts and understanding that the grown up would never corner a child to ask them for help.” – Sarah Hogan/Parent

“Really? Pretty much ignore them, ignore them, know ignore them and stay with grandma.” – Elaine Chalup/Grandmother

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children recommends what parents should and should not say to protect their children from strangers. For example, don’t say stay away from people you don’t know. Instead, what you should say is it’s important for you to get my permission before going anywhere with anyone. If a kid does go missing, Anchorage police advise parents to do this.

“And all the while waiting for the police to arrive They need to call the child’s friends, family, anywhere where that child could. Go.”- Sergeant Todd Kearns/Anchorage Police

And once police arrive, experts recommend you give them the child’s name, date of birth, weight, height, and the descriptions of any other unique identifiers, such as glasses and braces. Tell them what you noticed when your child was missing and what clothing he or she was wearing. For more information on protecting your children this summer, you can visit La’shawn Donelson, your Alaska Link Anchorage.