Counseling For Students After Fatal Polar Bear Attack

A school in Wales is hoping to fully reopen for learning on Monday after a horrific polar bear attack happened right outside the school. Your Alaska Link’s Scott Beadle has the details:

A polar bear, just like the one you see here, mauled a mother and her one year old son Tuesday in the remote coastal community of Wales — killing them both. During that time, the Kingikmiut School went on lock down and teachers pulled down the blinds so students couldn’t see the horror unfolding right outside.

“This is extremely rare. There has not been a polar bear attack in 30+ years in Alaska in general let alone our district.”

The school closed completely on Wednesday — as the district brought in counselors to offer support to students and staff.

“We are very very blessed as one of the few districts in Alaska with many many counselors. So we do have more school counselors than other districts. There are districts here that don’t have any counselors in their district — let alone in each school.”

The hope is to return to some sense of normal on Monday. Both yesterday and today — the school had “soft openings” — to give students access to those counselors and a meal.

“They have access to food, they can come play in the gym, they can see their teachers, they can have the counselors there with them.”

The polar bear responsible for the attack is dead. It was shot and killed by a resident in Wales. Tonight, State Fish and Game is still investigating a cause for what happened.

Scott Beadle, Your Alaska Link.