Details from Fire in Anchorage

A fire at Fireweed Lane caught the attention of several Anchorage business owners. Your Alaska Link’s La’Shawn Donelson explains what happened. 

Business owners at fireweed lane are concerned after an abandoned restaurant right behind me caught fire.

“The damage is more than just physical damage to the building. We’re always concerned. If I hear anything on the alarms or the movement detection, it’s waking me up in the middle of the night. And we’re always constantly worried.” – Larry Cantergiani /President And Co-Owner Of Alaska Industrial Insulation

The co-owner of Alaska Industrial Insulation is just one of several business people concerned after this morning’s fire.

“It kind was affected by it today. It was really hard to actually get to my business for traffic flow, uh they had the road completely block off.” – Joelene Horning /Owner Of Ink Therapy

Joelene Horning’s business is near the old abandoned Chinese garden restaurant that burned this morning on fireweed lane. another business called straight out of Philly had to closed for the day. Even employees who work in the businesses are.

“It really has actually something done about this. It’s just affecting businesses. It affects our tourism. It affects our elderly, our young our youth that she’s, you know, the homeless situation and what’s happening in this area.”  – Justine Schock /Employee At Sleep Comfort

Fire Captain Patrick Burns has concerns over how the fire may have started.

“This building has burned a couple of times. People squatting inside the building starting fires and we don’t. This one is still under investigation. So we’re not quite sure how it started today. But today was definitely a much worse fire than. In the past.” – Patrick Barnes/Fire Captain At Station 4

While firefighters try to find the exact cause of this latest fire business, people hope it does not happen again. La’shawn Donelson. Your Alaska link, Anchorage.