Engaged On Energy

Welcome to this week’s Engaged on Energy. I’m Rick Whitbeck, and tonight, let’s talk about supply chains, and how proposed changes in energy sources may strain them even further in the future.


We’ve all heard the warnings: “Order early this year, because logjams at US ports are going to make it harder for goods to make it to your home for the holidays.”


But what if the ships weren’t even able to make it to port? What if the trucks sat idle, and what if the cranes off-loading the cargo that did hit our shores couldn’t operate?


If the eco-left had its way, combustion engines – including those in ships, cranes and trucks – would go away and be replaced by some combination of electric and other so-called ‘green’-technologies.


Think of the massive disruptions to logistics if the super-ships were forced to either be retrofitted, or most likely, scrapped, all because the ships’ carbon footprint was too high? Think of the delays and outright chaos that would come from having to build ‘green’ container ships and phase out our current trucking fleet for electric ones.

While most of us scoff at the notion that this would be good for the economy or even the planet, the most extreme within the environmental movement see that transportation accounts for the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the country – 29%, according to the EPA – and want to lower that number by a significant percentage, and quickly.


Outlawing the combustion engine would certainly disrupt our lives, but that’s exactly what the original Green New Deal legislation included. Let’s not forget that the transportation sector affects nearly every facet of our lives, so any major – or even minor – changes to it will have vast, significant effects.


To sum it up, if you’re waiting on pins and needles for this year’s Christmas gift to arrive, hold on to your hats; it could be a wild, eco-left-driven ride in the future!


That’ll do it for this week. Be sure to contact me at rick@powerthefuture.com with comments or suggestions for a future segment. Thanks for tuning in, and have an energy-filled week, everyone