Engaged On Energy


Welcome to this week’s Engaged on Energy.  I’m Rick Whitbeck, and tonight, we’re going to look back at the last 13 weeks of doing these segments, and say ‘thank you’ to those who have taken time to provide feedback, no matter whether supportive or…well…constructively critical.


One thing I have enjoyed seeing from the feedback on the segments is the passion from the people of Alaska and Wyoming.  Without question, both states are filled with people who understand the importance of the energy community – the jobs, projects, and people – play in the fabric of our states.


I’ve read attaboys from current and veteran energy workers, happy that they are being acknowledged for their work, because it often goes unnoticed.  I’ve heard from students at the Universities of Alaska and Wyoming, whose careers in energy are just getting started.  They’re excited about their futures, and we’re excited to advocate for them as they enter the workforce.


I’ve heard from tourists who were visiting our states, as well as former residents now living in other locations, enthusiastic that there is a focus on industries critical to our states’ economies, and thankful that those keystone industries bring benefits to the entire country.


And, yes, I’ve heard from a few that feel we should stop drilling for oil and gas immediately, that mining can’t be done without causing irreparable harm to the Earth, and that if we don’t, we’re on the brink of some magical tipping point in the future, that will be the demise of mankind. I’ve even heard that I need to crawl back under the oily rock I crept out from under.  I can almost feel the love


But you know what?  I love each and every comment, suggestion and yes, even full-throated attack because that means more and more understand the critical role energy plays in our lives, and that’s what we set out to do when we started recording them.  Being a part of the conversation on energy is what I love to do, and God willing, we’ll keep doing it for a long time to come.


That’ll do it for this week.  Be sure to contact me at rick@powerthefuture.com with comments or suggestions for a future segment.  Thanks for tuning in, and have an energy-filled week, everyone