Engaged On Energy

Welcome to this week’s Engaged on Energy. I’m Rick Whitbeck, and tonight, we’re going to walk through our nation’s involvement in the biggest climate hypocrisy event of 2021. It is the “Conference of the Parties, version 26”, also known as COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland. It might also be called, “Biden Fails at Home, then Tucks Tail to Sleep Through Glasgow”.

Last weekend, the President boarded Air Force One – along with nearly his entire cabinet, huge security detail and dozens of aides and staff – and crossed the ocean for two weeks of 5-star hotels & gas-powered limo rides – joining the United Nations Climate Change Summit, which has been called an evangelism event for the church of climate change.

Ironically, the tenets of their gospel are on the verge of plunging Scotland and the rest of Europe into the throes of a long, dark winter. There, energy shortages have skyrocketed costs, led to the necessity of rolling blackouts, and brought immense concern to the EU and its citizens. You’d think team Biden would be learning from Europe’s mistakes.

Unfortunately, no. Across the country, the average costs of heating a home and filling gas tanks are exceptionally higher this year compared to last. In fact, the last time gas was this high was when…Joe Biden was Vice President! Now, he’s foregoing American production and begging OPEC to increase its output, and even his own party won’t pass his climate agenda.

Conveniently forgetting that American families are suffering, the current administration’s misguided “solution” is to leave us behind for a self-congratulatory tour stop with the UN. All at US taxpayer expense. With no mandate, since he still has yet to force his dangerous plans through Congress, and with zero support from key nations like China and Russia. Talk about wasted energy – and yes, the pun is intentional.

That’ll do it for this week. Be sure to contact me at rick@powerthefuture.com with comments or suggestions for a future segment. Thanks for tuning in, and have an energy-filled week, everyone