Fairbanks Airport Human Trafficking Training

It’s something that could happen anywhere — and to anyone. We’re talking about human trafficking. Your Alaska Link’s Ian Stewart explains how the Fairbanks airport is training its workers to spot the signs and help the victims.

The Fairbanks airport is looking to make a difference with some new training they are going to be incorporating. They’ve partnered up with the Department of Homeland Security for training that will help staff spot those in need of help from human trafficking, a new challenge for them.

“This is new for us. We’ve typically always had bomb threat training because that’s something that has happened you know different bombings that have happened to us over the years unfortunately.”

And it doesn’t happen just at the airport. With this month being human trafficking awareness month its bringing it to light for everybody.

“A lot of people like to think this doesn’t happen in my community or in my airport and it does. It definitely does given the statistics.”

But her and her staff are happy to make a difference

“It takes a village. It takes all of us. So to be a part of that and hopefully catch something before somebody trafficked into another state and out of Alaska that would be really awesome.”

So would you know what to look for? We talked to some to see what they thought to look for.

“Reclusive don’t really wanna, usually they try to separate themselves from a lot of people because it’s a rather traumatic experience.”

“There’s nothing wrong going up and saying hi to somebody and how are you doing today but other than that I really don’t know and that’s why I’m going to look for more information.”

If would like to learn more you can visit the department of homeland security website here

Ian Stewart Your Alaska Link.