Fatal Polar Bear Attack

We’re following up tonight on the fatal polar bear attack that happened in Wales. Wales is a remote community on our west coast — out near Nome. Troopers confirmed yesterday that a one year old boy and his mother were killed by the bear. And today, we’ve learned that the school in Wales ended up on lock down. As Your Alaska Link’s Ian Stewart reports: the polar bear tried to bust inside.

The small community of Wales is still in shock after the harrowing polar bear attack which claimed the lives of Summer Myomick and her one year old son. The attack occurred just outside the front entrance of the school where others tried to help.

“So school personnel as well as local community members tried to hit it with shovels and tried to get it to get off her and get away. Instead of doing that — instead of leaving — it turned on them and chased them.”

The others were able to make it inside the school with the bear following close behind

“They ran into the school for safety. The principal opened the door and let them in, and the polar bear tried to come in as well. So they were able to slam the door on it and keep it outdoors.”

Luckily the school was already in lockdown.

“When they initially heard that something was going on outdoors, she had locked down the school and secured the kids in the classrooms away from this area and pulled the blinds and things like that so the students couldn’t see.

The attack not only has affected the village but also the small communities surrounding Wales.

“She’s known there as well as in another community in our district where she attended school and things like that. She’s a young woman so she’s very connected with a lot of people.”

An Alaska state trooper and a representative of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game were able to get to Wales to investigate the polar bear attack.

Ian Stewart Your Alaska Link.