Fatal Polar Bear Attack

We’ll get to the new legislative session in a moment, but first — a story that’s been making national headlines.

​​A polar bear attacked and killed two people in the small community of Wales. That’s in western Alaska near Nome. Here’s Your Alaska Link’s Ian Stewart now with the very latest.

Tragedy struck when in the small village of Wales Alaska, a polar bear attacked those in the community. According to the state troopers during the attack it killed 24 year old Saint Michael resident Summer Myomick and her 1 year old son. The attack reportedly occurred near the school. A local resident was eventually able to shoot and kill the bear. Polar bears can range from 600-1200 pounds for males and 400-700 pounds for females and they usually range from 8-10 ft in height. Polar bears seasonal movements are based on ice dynamics and can go as far south as St Lawrence Island. Poor weather has prevented troopers and Department of Fish and Game from flying to Wales but they are continuing their efforts.

Ian Stewart Your Alaska Link.