Governor Speaks at Oil & Gas Association

Governor Dunleavy spoke at the Alaska Oil and Gas Association about Alaska’s future as an oil and gas producing state earlier today, here are a few of his remarks:

“Think about this for a moment. Could you ever imagine a world where you have states like Alaska that could produce millions and millions of barrels of oil?

Places like Texas and North Dakota and you have a government in Washington is trying to shut us down. Well, at the same time, trying to shut us down, they’re begging the Saudis and the Russians to produce more oil and gas.

This makes no sense at all. None at all. And this is something that we have to continue to work against. So let me give you an example of what happens when you decide that producing oil and gas in Alaska, where we don’t flare our gas, where if you’ve ever been on the slope and many of you have, we have some of the strictest environmental regulations on the planet. Again, we don’t fly our gas not because of the EPA, but because Alaska decided. We decided years ago that this would be a good thing for us not to fly our gas.”