Helpful Reminders for Upcoming Snow Season

Due to Tuesday morning’s snowfall and the forecast for additional snow this upcoming weekend, studded tires are being allowed early on roadways this year. Defensive Driving techniques can keep us safer as the road conditions shift dramatically over the winter months.

The Traffic Engineering Department has issued an order to allow studded tires to be used on areas within the Anchorage municipality starting Thursday, September 23rd, which is 8 days prior than otherwise would have been allowed.

Whether you plan on traveling to The Last Frontier or are currently a resident, Alaskan roadways can be extremely dangerous. Even skilled drivers can have difficulties driving these roads.

You might not know when a snow storm will hit, so always be prepared. Make sure you carry an emergency and a first aid kit in your vehicle at all times. You might also want to consider having the following items:

Blankets/sleeping bags
Extra clothes
Nonperishable foods and water
Jumper cables
Small Shovel
Extra gasoline

Reduce distractions while driving to stay alert.
Be sure to properly restrain children and pets.
Do NOT use your cell phone while driving.
Be mindful of wildlife.
Yield to other motorists and avoid tailgating.
Slow down! The posted speed limit is the absolute maximum speed you should drive on dry pavement. If you are driving during the winter time, you should go slower than the speed limit posted. ALWAYS drive as fast as is safe.

If you are sliding, turn into the slide. This seems odd or wrong at first, but doing this will be the quickest way for you to regain your control of your vehicle.

More tips are available through Defensive Driving Courses and the Alaska Driver’s Handbook.

Before traveling you can always check up on road conditions and receive updates and information. Be sure to call (907) 273-6037 or (867) 456-7623. To find additional information or help, visit 511.Alaska.Gov