Homeless Issues in Anchorage

Earlier tonight people in Anchorage got the chance to speak out on the city’s plans to deal with the homeless. A public meeting was held at the Loussac library concerning the proposed navigation center that would provide housing and support for the homeless. Your Alaska Link’s Ian Stewart looks at the homeless issue in Anchorage.

A continued topic of discussion amongst those in Anchorage is what will happen to the homeless when a current shelter closes. All the public hearings with the assembly and other discussions have left many with questions. And with the Sullivan arena closing at the end of the month, how are some shelters preparing? We got a chance to talk to Robin Sempsey, the CEO of Catholic Social Services, to discuss how they are preparing to handle the influx of homeless people.

“We’re going to continue to work with people. Even when the Sullivan closes in terms of case management, we’re still working to get people housed. So that’s really our focus.” – – Robin Dempsey/Catholic Social Services CEO

Knowing the importance of helping the homeless, Catholic Social Services want to do their best to deal with Anchorages homeless issue.

“You know, these are our lives that we’re talking about here. So we really want to make sure that everyone has a safe place to be.” – Robin Dempsey/Catholic Social Services CEO

with the sullivan arena closure date fast approaching and the navigation center still in talks, robin is hopeful a solution will be found.

“We definitely want to make sure that talks continue and that there is a solution for the people that are becoming homeless every single day.” – Robin Dempsey/Catholic Social Services CEO

The Sullivan Arena is scheduled to close June 30th. Robin hopes the community will come together to make sure the homeless will have a place to stay in July. Ian Stewart, Your Alaska Link.