Latest Midterm Election Results 2022

We want to begin with the very latest results from Tuesday’s big midterm. A quick reminder before we get to it: these initial results reflect first-choice votes only!

Our first round results will not be official until November 23rd — as election officials wait for mailed-in and military ballots. Rank choice tabulation rounds will begin after that.

U.S. Senate Election Night Events

Alright, let’s start off with Alaska’s US Senate race, and boy is it tight at the top of the round one results. As it stands, Kelly Tshibaka has a slim lead over incumbent Lisa Murkowski. The key to this race will be where Democrat Pat Chesbro’s second choice votes fall. Your Alaska Link’s Ian Stewart fills us in on the election night parties.

The waiting game for Alaska’s U.S. Senate race began last night with supporters getting together to watch the first results come in. At the incumbents event, Lisa Murkowski supporters were out in full force.

“And I think that she represents Alaska well because we we don’t like being told what to believe.” – Dena Iviy, Murkowski volunteer

“Now she talks with people in the communities and everything. And I’m just you know, I was hoping to be able to say hi to her tonight and just thankful for things like that.” – Lisa Lynch, Murkowski supporter

But as more numbers rolled in, things were not looking encouraging for the Murkowski camp. Still, the republican senator was staying positive.

“Going into into this sort and into this count we feel good. We feel strong. We feel confident about where we are for Alaska for all the right reasons.” – Lisa Murkowski

And while the numbers didn’t seem to turn out in Murkowski’s favor, Kayla Greene is still standing by Lisa.

“I feel like I’m going to be a very anxious over the next few days as numbers slowly trickle through. But I still have a lot of faith in the state of Alaska. I have faith in the people in Alaska and I believe that she will win.” – Kayla Greene, Murkowski volunteer

Meanwhile, over at the Tshibaka campaign, the atmosphere was very lively, with supporters sharing their excitement for the night.

“I can’t think of anybody better in the senate for Alaska than Kelly.” – Loren Baxter, Tshibaka volunteer

“She’s showing that she’s willing to put in the fight. She’s willing to put in the work to get us to where we need to be in Washington, D.C..” – Corinthians Wiley, Tshibaka dj host

As results roll in, there’s no denying the energy felt here tonight. and when the results started showing Tshibaka in the lead, the republican challenger, held her confidence. But she’s still looking forward to the final results.

“That large of a margin is a little bit bigger than I would expect when all the polls have said that this race is tied 50/50. But again, it’s an early outcome. So I don’t want to take for granted that that’s how it’s going to hold throughout the whole election.” – Kelly Tshibaka/(r) Alaska U.S Senator candidate

The election night event for democrat Patricia Chesbro was a more intimate gathering where she thanked all those who voted. As votes are still being counted. It looks as if the senate race will now be determined by ranked choice tabulation on November 23rd.

Ian Stewart, Your Alaska Link, Anchorage.


U.S. House Election Night

It’s not set in stone who will be our next US Congressperson. One of the most watched races in this election was, of course, the contest for the U.S. House seat that was once held by congressman Don Young. As you can see democrat Mary Peltola has an impressive round one lead right now over her opponents Sarah Palin, Nick Begich and Chris Bye, but things could change. Your Alaska Link’s La’shawn Donelson was there on election night among the balloons and many happy supporters. 

As election results continue to roll in, there is anticipation among the candidates, their supporters and volunteers. Election night was filled with watch parties. Candidates and their supporters were glued to their TV screens, watching each update of voting results. The race for the seat in the U.S. House of Representative included Democratic Congresswoman Mary Peltola, the Republicans Nick Begich and Sarah Palin, along with Libertarian Chris Bye. Early on incumbent Peltola Such a commanding lead with 47% of the vote. And Congresswoman Peltola supporters who came to watch her party agree she is the right choice.

“And now I am like bursting with optimism, like because Alaska’s going to, you know, demonstrate to the nation what bipartisanship means.” – Megan Orders, Pelota Supporter

“I mean, we’re young voters, and Mary speaks to us in a way that a lot of politicians sort of fail to. And I think her engagement was been amazing. You know, we get a text today from Mary Peltola and for better or for worse, that’s engaged. A lot of people who won’t pick up their phones or won’t read the news or do other sorts of stuff that folks our generation aren’t doing. So now she appeals to me, that’s for sure.” – Robert Hockema, Pelota supporter 

“I mean, we know that bodily autonomy is on the ballot right now, and we know that Mary is the right choice.” – Liz Rangel, Pelota supporter

Sarah Palin’s 26% of votes was good enough for second place while Nick Begich came in third with 24%.

It’s been a fantastic run and I am absolutely honored for the opportunity to do it. – Nick Bewitch, (R) Candidate for US House of Representatives

“And Nick had that gumption and that fortitude and that courage to stand up and fight for Alaska to get us back on that path of energy abundance and get our economy back on track.” – Bernadette Wilson, Americans for Prosperity Action 

“Well, it started out with I’ve known his dad for a long time, so I know how genuine his dad is. He’s a libertarian.” – Jeff Fenske, Bewitch supporter

Alaska’s fishing guy Chris Bye took 2 percent of the first round vote and would not make it to the second round of Alaska’s ranked choice voting process. La’shawn Donelson Your Alaska Link


Dunleavy Wins Re-Election

It looks like Governor Mike Dunleavy will get to serve a second term in office. Dunleavy is the apparent winner of the gubernatorial race. The incumbent republican needed 50% of the vote to win outright. With 96% of the precincts reported, he’s got 52%. If these numbers hold, Dunleavey will defeat his opponents — democrat Les Gara, independent Bill Walker and republican Charlie Peirce.

Your Alaska Link spoke with Governor Dunleavy at the Marriott in downtown Anchorage. We asked him how it feels, knowing that Alaskans want him to stick around.

“Nancy and I love this state. We’re looking forward to serving this state for another four years, working with Alaskans and moving this great state forward. So it feels it feels pretty good right now.” – Gov. Mike Dunleavy/ (R) Alaska

Mike Dunleavy — a former Alaska state senator — is our 12th governor. He’s held that office since 2018.