Local DayCare Closes Doors

We begin in Anchorage — where the closure of one daycare center is leaving dozens of families high and dry. Your Alaska Link’s La’shawn Donelson spoke to parents who are now without a place to send their kids.

Kreative Kids is closing their doors for the final time due to non-compliant complaints from the Anchorage municipality and parents are worried. The daycare will officially close its doors to kids tomorrow. According to court documents, the Anchorage Health Department and the visibility of anguish has decided not to renew the provisional license of Kreative Kids due to a repeated noncompliance.

“Our paint was peeling, our bottles weren’t being labeled in due to continuation of that. Then are provisionals which you only get. Two provisionals will not get renewed because we have reached the limit of our two provisionals.”

The average cost of child for a family in Anchorage ranges from roughly $900 to 1500 dollars, according to a finance company called SOFI. With childcare suddenly gone, parents are feeling stressed.

“Initially, I’m having to hire a nanny to come in and take care of my five kids and do things to meet those licensing requirements and pay her out of pocket.”

“We have to take time off of work, whether it be using my vacation time or not having any more vacation time because I’ve exhausted it for the year and having to stay home without pay with my son to care for him to make sure he has somebody there.”

“I’m kinda panicked. I don’t know what I’m going to do for daycare. I go back to work February 1st and now I don’t have a..can’t right now.”

And the kids are off set as well.

“They weren’t. Able to see all my friends that I meet because they’ve been here for like two years.”

In a statement from the Anchorage Health Department Childcare Licensing Division, while they cannot speak to the current allegations due to the opening nature of the investigation, Department F are extraordinarily aware of the current childcare challenges in Anchorage.

Kreative kids owner Pamela Frise will appeal the decision.

La’shawn Donelson Your Alaska Link.