Man Arrested on Multiple Charges

Anchorage Police arrived at a Payless car sales location on the evening of August 15th regarding a car theft.  Earlier that day, a male suspect had opened up an overhead garage door in front of a black 10-14 ford pick up the keys were with the vehicle and the man quickly drove away in the truck.  Just last week on August 18th, Anchorage Police recovered the Ford which had been abandoned.  Two days later law enforcement arrived at a Walgreens at 2197 west diamond boulevard regarding a possible robbery.  An adult male, later identified as 38-year-old Chase M. Walters, walked into the Walgreens demanding to see cell phones which are in a locked case.  Walters opened the case, removed a phone, stated he was taking the phone, and then produced a folding knife.  Arriving officers saw Walters enter the nearby Fred Meyers.  Officers confronted Walters inside the store and took him into custody without incident.  Walters gave officers a false name and birth date.  Detectives later determined Walters was the suspect responsible for the theft of the Ford.  After the interview, Walters was remanded at the jail on an outstanding warrant.  Regarding the stolen vehicle incident, Walters was charged with Burglary I, Vehicle Theft I, two counts of Assault III, and Theft I.  Regarding the Robbery at Walgreens, Walters was charged with Assault III, False Information, Theft IV, and Robbery I.