Moose Rescue

Now to the story of a moose that fell through a frozen lake in Anchorage. Luckily, one man was out for a walk and spotted the animal in distress. Your Alaska Links Ian Stewart’s has more on the rescue mission.

These are the sights and sounds that Wilbur Graves came across while out walking his dog at University Lake. The moose had broken through the ice where Wilbur happened to be out walking.

“I heard some splashing while I was on the phone. So I went and looked and I told my friends that there was a moose in the lake. And it had fallen through the ice and so I just needed to go down there.”

With the moose struggling he knew he had to do something. Thinking quickly he rushed home.

“I ran out in the garage and grabbed a hundred feet of rope and got a knife and just got on my bike and just hustled back over there. I called my neighbor Tim and he said he would come help.”

With the help of some others they proceeded to pull him out.

“It took some effort pulling him up onto the ice and it was a little bit at a time.”

Luckily after about 10 minutes they were able to pull him out, but the moose wasn’t out of the woods just yet because as far as Wilbur knew the moose was probably in there for about a half hour or so.

“He was hypothermic and exhausted so he just laid on his side after that. Definitely wasn’t a threat to us. So we had to actually push him up on his belly because we wanted him to get up but he didn’t have any strength.”

The moose was eventually able to get up where Wilbur and the moose went their separate ways. Wilbur also said he’s been chased by bears and charged by moose but has never seen anything like this.

Ian Stewart Your Alaska Link.