Muldoon Homicide Update

We begin in Anchorage, where the victim of a deadly shooting has now been identified as a young girl — just 12 years old and as Your Alaska Link’s Ian Stewart reports, another juvenile is in custody.

Officers are still investigating the homicide that happened along 2200 block on Muldoon Road. They aren’t releasing many details as to what happened exactly, but here’s what we do know. The victim, a 12 year old girl, was found dead Tuesday with, “a gunshot wound to the upper body.” Another juvenile, a boy was questioned by police and he’s now in custody at the McLaughlin Youth Center in connection with the shooting.

APD says it will not be releasing the victim’s name due to her age, but according to a GoFundMe page her name was Olivia. Family friends launched the online fundraiser to support Olivia’s grandmother and the rest of her family. So far, more than $1,500 have been raised and according to the GoFundMe that the money will help with funeral costs and other expenses associated with Olivia’s tragic loss.

Again, another juvenile is in custody in connection with the deadly shooting in Muldoon, making it the 26th homicide of the year in the city. APD would only say that charges have been forwarded to the division of juvenile justice. 

Ian Stewart Your Alaska Link.