Opening Day At Hilltop

While it may be cold, that isn’t stopping skiiers and snowboarders from hitting the slopes at Hilltop! Your Alaska Link’s Ian Stewart stopped by to see the crowds out for opening weekend.

It may have gotten darker and colder, but that didn’t stop anybody from heading out to Hilltop. Workers have been hard at work to get it up and ready for the season, with their season pass holder day on Wednesday with Thursday being the official season opening.

“We hope to continue to see folks out here. We hope that a lot of folks have rediscovered Hilltop as an opportunity to come out after work and enjoy the evening. It’s a great family affair. We’re low priced, affordable, trying to be that nonprofit community ski area for everybody to come enjoy here in Anchorage.” – Trevor Bird, Hilltop general manager

Sarah Hall is with her family for some skiing and enjoy Hilltop.

“We are so fortunate in Anchorage because there’s a mountain at our fingertips just 15 minutes from our house. And that’s pretty uncommon in the rest of the lower 48. So we’re excited to take advantage of it.” – Sarah Hall, parent

Diana Gooden’s daughter is taking ski classes, which is one of many different lessons that they have here at Hilltop.

“It’s her first class, so she was really excited to try it, but I guess we’ll have to ask her later after the class.” – Diana Gooden, parent

And the kids are already enjoying the trails.

“They’re nice, fresh powder. I’m really liking it so far. I just can’t wait till they develop it more.” – Taraseus Murphy, snowboarder

They’ve updated their hours on Fridays to be 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.. So if you’re looking for something fun to do this weekend, head on down to Hilltop and hit the slopes. Ian Stewart Your Alaska Link.


Hilltop is far from the only ski spot in the last frontier. Also in the Anchorage area:

  • Alyeska is set to open December 9th
  • Arctic Valley will open the 10th

In Juneau, Eaglecrest will kick off its season tomorrow.

In Fairbanks,

  • Moose Mountain is open now
  • Ski Land’s tentative opening is the 16th

And in Cordova, Mount Eyak, also known as Ski Hill is making snow, but no word yet on opening day.