Port Of Alaska Update

We begin with the major face lift that’s currently underway at the port of Alaska. Your Alaska Link’s Ian Stewart has the latest on the progress.

The Port of Alaska has been under construction for improvements for some time now. Steve Ribuffo was at the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce ‘Make it Monday’ for him to give an update on how progress is being made.

“So far, we are on track and and I don’t see anything that will prevent us from staying on track through the end of 2024, because that’s what we have control of right now.”

So what’s next? Phase one is done, but how far is phase two?

“Well, phase two is that’s the that’s the big lift. That’s ten years from start to finish because the challenges you’ve got to balance construction happening at the same time you’re keeping the port open.”

The Port of  Alaska, along with the new improvements, is conceptualizing an idea for the port to have a better plan for its power grid.

“What we don’t have is enough power reserve to continue operations, even though the power’s out. And boy, if you’re in a port business, that’s something that you really want to go for.”

And he’s definitely happy with the progress that’s being made.

“Everybody’s got to be rowing the same way. And and we are doing that and it’s proving successful. So I’m very happy about that.”

Construction for the second phase after design and finalization is scheduled for 2025.

Ian Stewart Your Alaska Link.