Ranked Choice Vote Count, State Election HQ In Juneau

We begin this Thanksgiving eve, with the final results for this month’s midterm election!

The ranked choice vote count was live streamed earlier this evening from the state election headquarters in Juneau. A total of 12 races in this election had to be decided by rank choice tabulation which means no candidate received 50 percent plus one vote in the first round.

Without further ado, say hello to the winners of our big statewide races.

Republican Lisa Murkowski will remain Alaska’s senior US Senator. Democrat Mary Peltola will serve her first full term as a representative in the US House. And Republican Mike Dunleavy will serve four more years as governor of Alaska.

We want to break down the numbers for you now.

First up, the race for US Senate. Initial results from election night had Lisa Murkowski behind Kelly Tshibaka, but in the end, the incumbent beat her fellow republican in the third round of tabulations.

The race for US House was ultimately decided in the third round as well. Democrat mary peltola came out on top against republicans Sarah Palin, after Nick Begich and Chris Bye were eliminated. And he hit the 50% mark on election nigh fbut now it’s official!

Mike Dunleavy will remain Alaska’s governor.

Democrat Les Gara, Independent Bill Walker and Republican Charlie Pierce took spots 2, 3, and 4 respectively. I spoke with Governor Dunleavy on the phone this afternoon and asked: What’s the agenda?

“Everything from the arctic, the neighbors, food security, crime, making sure we do our best to work.  Coming up, with long term fiscal plans, making sure we capitalize on our resources in Alaska. Pretty excited about the next four years.”

Dunleavy is the first republican governor to serve 2 consecutive terms since Governor Jay Hammond in the late 70’s.