Reckless Driving near Anchorage Escalates to Multiple Charges

At 9:36 PM on September 7, a citizen called Anchorage police department Dispatch to report a person driving recklessly on the 5800-block of Jennifer Circle. The caller provided a description of the vehicle along with the last known direction of travel. Arriving officers searched the surrounding area for several minutes.

Eventually one of them saw a maroon Ford pickup truck, which matched the description provided by the citizen caller, being driven onto Jennifer Circle from Defiance Street. The suspect driver, 55-year-old Iliodor E. Merculieff JR, illegally parked the truck in the middle of the cul-de-sac and exited from the driver’s seat. The officer pulled up behind the pickup and got out of his patrol vehicle.

The officer verbally engaged Merculieff. During the conversation the officer noticed signs of impairment. Merculieff provided the officer with a name and other personal identifying information that was not his own. A second officer arrived at the location and Standardized Field Sobriety Tests were conducted. Afterwards the decision was made to charge Merculieff with Driving under the Influence. As the officers were placing the handcuffs on Merculieff, he began to physically resist. Merculieff was escorted to the ground; once his arms were behind his back, he became compliant and was handcuffed without further issues. Due to the scuffle during the handcuffing process both officers and Merculieff received abrasions to the skin. Merculieff was evaluated at the scene by medics for the injuries.

Once Merculieff was cleared by medics, he provided officers with his real name. A computer check revealed that Merculief had a previous felony operating under the influence conviction, that his driver’s license had been revoked, and he had active Conditions of Release for a different criminal case. Merculieff was transported to the Anchorage Jail for further processing. He was remanded on the charges of Felony operating under the influence, two counts of fourth degree Assault , Resisting Arrest, False Information, Violate Conditions of Release, and Driving with a Revoked License.