Safety Concerns Around Sullivan Arena

Yet another controversy for the Sullivan Arena as Anchorage grapples with dropping temperatures and the homeless. Your Alaska Link’s La’shawn Donelson reports: businesses and people in the community have growing concerns about the homeless people now staying at the arena.

Businesses and community members are tired of not being heard as they voice their concerns about the Sullivan Arena. In the last 30 days, there have been various calls to the Anchorage Police Department about the Sullivan Arena, ranging from people needing medical attention to drugs, to mental health services. Businesses and residents in the area are voicing their concerns. One business says that property damage has been done.

“In many ways. Breaking out windows, clean up trash, hazardous trash needles, you know, tin foil, stuff like that. It’s been a big thing that really needs to be taken care of here in Anchorage.”

And sometimes law enforcement have gotten involved.

“Sometimes we had to call the police on this phone. It’s very populated. I mean, we see a lot of them here. You know, sometimes disturbing the store, you know, just well disturbing customers and stuff. So we don’t we’re not really happy with that. But I mean, it’s there’s been a lot of them recently.”

While other businesses did not want to be on camera told Your Alaska Link, homeless people are seen on the streets and they hope the municipality of Anchorage does a better job in finding solutions.

“A little more concerned about the safety of the people who are on the street. There’s a lot more, you know, predation, drug dealing, prostitution, you know, people sleeping on the streets. I mean, we’ve had people die in the neighborhood in the last few weeks.”

Neighbors nearby, the Sullivan Arena did not want to be on camera, told Your Alaska Link that they are frustrated because no solutions are being provided by the city.

In a statement from the mayor’s office, Mayor Bronson is committed to working with residents around the Sullivan, along with Anchorage Assembly, to address the concerns to lessen the impact on the neighborhood.

La’shawn Donelson Your Alaska Link.