School Bus Driver Shortages in Anchorage School District

The start of a new school year may begin with some major shake ups in the Anchorage school district that have many parents concerned. Your Alaska Link’s La’shawn Donelson reports those changes could mean longer walks to the school bus stops. 

At a school board meeting last night, the Anchorage superintendent talked about the critical shortage of bus drivers.

“But to be clear, we’re down seventy one bus drivers as of today.”

The superintendent also said it is possible these positions will not get filled by the first day of school.

“So we need to think through that scenario proactively. While we’re also thinking about bringing staff in and making sure that our current employees choose to stay in high esteem.”

The district has notified parents that this could temporarily mean fewer bus routes. The special education and transportation services are not expected to be affected. When it comes to hiring bus drivers, the superintendent says,the district has some strong competition.

“We are in direct competition with the tourism industry, among others. For that specific group, we’re actively working with the appropriate stakeholders to discuss hiring incentives and compensation.”

However, many parents on Facebook are worried about how to get their kids to school Gretchen Kelley posted. Basically, our school district says you can pick any school you want, but the reality is you can make that work. If one parent has a reliable vehicle and incredibly forgiving schedule. 70 bus driver positions need to be filled. So the Anchorage School District is offering a 25 hundred dollar bonus for the school year. And for more information, you can visit La’shawn Donelson, your Alaska link.