Spread The Warmth Campaign

An organization here in Alaska is trying to help out young people who don’t have a place to live. Your Alaska link’s La’shawn Donelson shows us how the non-profit is spreading warmth with blankets.

Covenant House Alaska is receiving hand-crafted wool and cotton blankets. And it’s a part of a company from Minnesota’s new campaign called Spread the Warmth. Faribault Mill is a minnesota based company that’s partnering with Covenant House Alaska, to provide warmth to young people who need it the most.

“Our business is providing warmth and comfort to our customers. The issue we have with youth homelessness in this country, more than 4 million kids tonight don’t know where they’re going to put their head on a pillow and, you know, as business people and more candidly as parents. That was heartbreaking to us.”

And for Firebaugh as president, the issue of providing warmth to homeless youth is personal.

“Privilege of leading this company. But first and foremost, most I’m a father and I have two young boys, and one of the privileges of fatherhood is being able to talk to my boys in bed at night under a warm blanket. So to know that 4 million kids across this country will experience that tonight. That was there was heartbreak in for me and many members of our team.”

The goal of spread the warmth is to donate thousands of wool blakers to young people across the country. Faribault has been making blankets in a factory in Minnesota, says 1865. And it’s done through a detailed process by hand.

“Starting with the wool off the sheep’s back to making yarn. We turn that yarn into a warp which we put on a loom. We then loom and weave the fabric. We finish it at our facility and Fairborn, Minnesota. Then we cut, sew and and fold it.”

And they end up with wool blankets that are.

“Warm, comfortable. And, you know, we felt like this was a unique design and a unique construction for us to be able to give these kids.”

For more information on Faribault Mills blankets and the spread the warmth campaign you can visit faribaultmill.com.

La’shawn Donelson Your Alaska Link