State Of The State

We begin with the state of our state. Governor Mike Dunleavy just wrapped up his annual address a short time ago. The governor addressed the people of Alaska from Juneau this evening and he covered a wide range of topics — including carbon sequestration, the budget and education. 

We asked people in Anchorage: what issues do you hope the governor tackles as he begins a new four year term?

“Well there’s always the homelessness problem and getting people back on their feet. And maybe some programs that help ex-felons and stuff like that would be really cool.”

“O think that the state of Alaska needs to significantly increase funding for K-12 education. The funding hasn’t kept up with inflation.”

We’ll have more from the governor’s state of the state address for you tomorrow, and we’ll be diving deeper into some of the subjects he covered throughout the week. That’s all coming up right here on Your Alaska Link.