Stebbin Grocery Store Fire

We begin in Stebbins, where the city’s sole grocery store has been destroyed by flames. Your Alaska Link’s Ian Stewart has more on what happened and the help that’s now on the way for residents.

Tragedy struck Stebbin Alaska when a fire broke out at their only convenience store in a town when at about 5:30 in the morning some residents noticed that the store was on fire. This has left the village with very limited options in conveniences. Recovery efforts are now underway from some organizations to get them supplied with goods. Brenda Crim with Alaska Missions and Retreats was one of the first in recovery efforts.

“So we have a list of every baby in the village so we can accurately buy from them, really clean buying as no waste and no waste and break.”

With the dire situation. they’ll be having a shipment of their donations sent on a flight Friday, mostly containing food and baby products.

“That’s just our immediate one. You know, we’re going to address what’s immediate. And a king air will only hold 2,000 lbs. So that’s the first load. We’re going out immediately. We’ll we’ll take as many as we need.”

The building was suffering from damage to the breaker box from the murbok storm and was planned to be repaired before the fire broke out. It knocked out power for a few hours prompting an evacuation of 60 families to the school. Daisy Ketchek the city administrator shares that the worries that followed.

“When light led up and they were able to make their assessments, they were able to do bypass and restore the power, except to roughly about five homes within the vicinity of the store.”

With the store gone, the next close to stores miles away. The local community is now working on solutions for a temporary store.

“So that we can function. Our stores can function normally and properly. we are going to makeshift our existing city office building into a makeshift store.”

Other organizations and officials like Governor Dunleavy have reacted to the fire and are helping with recovery efforts.

In a facebook post, he said his office is also working with city officials and the governor’s office to address food and fuel needs, following the massive fire.

Ian Stewart Your Alaska Link.