The Alaska Zoo Loses The Last of the Wolves, Windy

The 4th Avenue theater is a significant part of Anchorage and the downtown area. Now demolition on the 4th avenue theater has begun this week. The block the theater sits on is a part of a new project called block 41. The development announced by the mayor in May aims to bring retail, commercial and even housing options to the area. Windy the wolf recently passed away at the Alaska Zoo. With her passing Your Alaska Link’s Ian Stewart has more on what the future holds for the zoo.

The Alaska Zoo is a staple of Anchorage, as was Windy the wolf was to the zoo. Windy’s recent passing has left a hole at the zoo. Patrick Lampi, the executive director at the zoo, is sad to see the last wolf pass.

“Yeah, it was sad. It was back in 2006, we had gotten six wolf pups. And so this was Windy was the last of them to pass away.”

Windy was a zoo favorite. And like many of the animals here at the zoo was great for educational purposes.

“They did a tremendous service for the community, for their own species, all their wild counterparts. And they were, you know, a real family member here at the zoo.”

The zoo was always on the lookout for any animals that they can bring to the zoo, but it isn’t as easy as it seems.

“So we do reach out, you know, and explore all the options, you know, looking for replacements for these animals. but some are difficult to replace because, you know, they just don’t come available that often.”

But still, with the passing of Windy, it opens the possibility of getting more wolves, knowing their significance to Alaska.

“They were a very important part of the zoo. And wolves obviously are very important in Alaska. And like I said, they were just amazing ambassadors for their species so.”

The zoo is expanding and with the recent purchase of the Diamond Horse ranch, they’re looking to move forward with developing the area.

“Now comes a lot of work in working with our staff and all of our departments and board members on how to develop new property, what would best serve the Alaska Zoo and the community.”

Lampe is thankful for the support from the community and encourages everyone to get out and check out the zoo.

Ian Stewart, Your Alaska Link