The Governor’s Goal: Make Alaska The “Most Pro-Life State”

“It’s no secret to anyone that I’m a pro-life governor, and my administration is ready to work with all of you over the next four years to achieve the goal to make Alaska the most pro-life state in the country.”

Governor Mike Dunleavy making his stance very clear. His goal to make Alaska the nation’s “Most Pro-Life State” is our top story tonight on Your Alaska Link.

Many Alaskans have mixed feelings when it comes to being pro-choice versus pro-life, especially when it comes to a state as a whole.

In his State of the State address, Governor Dunleavy is calling for Alaska to be the most pro-life state in the country. There are those who agree that pro-life is the right to protect life.

“I think that would be wonderful, which it would mean that we would be really the type of human beings that we should be, which is to protect the most vulnerable and smallest among us.”

“I agree with pro-life. I understand we need to have choice as women. But I feel that there’s so many of us that cannot have children that being pro-life can definitely help all the way around, if you will.”

Others believe it is a woman’s right to choose.

“If I can choose how many guns I have, I don’t know why a woman wouldnt be able to choose what she does with her body. People want to stick their nose in her business unless it’s still I for for her birth, for the rights of a baby or unborn baby.”

“I feel very strongly about a woman’s right to choose. There’s so many things that go into that decision that you really couldn’t possibly understand. If you are not the one going through it and taking that right away from an individual I think is dangerous.”

“Pro-Life. I’m pro-life. I want people to little I don’t want anybody to die. But on the other hand, I think you need to give a woman the right to make decisions about her own health.”

Abortion is currently protected under the Alaska Constitution. Changes would need to be made to the Constitution if Alaska is to restrict abortion services.

La’shawn Donelson Your Alaska Link


During his speech, the governor highlighted other steps and goals that he says will help “change the course of alaska’s history.”

those include:

  • Declaring war on fentanyl
  • Expanding our state defense force
  • Sustaining our fisheries
  • Improving food security
  • Capitalizing on carbon