Three Missing Hikers Rescued by AK Wildlife Troopers

On November 21, the Alaska Wildlife Troopers were notified of three overdue hikers in the area of Cowee Meadows Cabin.

The three adults had spent the night at the Cowee Meadows Cabin and told a family member in the morning that they were beginning to hike out, but that deep snow that fell overnight had hidden the trail.

Around 4:22 PM, Alaska State Troopers made it to the trailhead and confirmed that the group had not returned yet.

Volunteer searchers from Juneau Mountain Rescue were contacted and responded to the trailhead.

Around 6:35 PM, the group was assisted back to the trailhead by Juneau Mountain Rescue and US Forest Service Law Enforcement. No injuries were reported.

The Alaska Wildlife Troopers would like to thank Juneau Mountain Rescue, US Forest Service Law Enforcement, and the Alaska Department of Transportation for their assistance.