Toys for Tots

While we haven’t gotten past Thanksgiving yet, it’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas at Alaska Airlines cargo! The airline is once again partnering with U.S Marine Corps for its annual Toys for Tots campaign. Your Alaska Link was at the cargo station in Anchorage this morning when over 10,000 pounds of toys got dropped off!

That’s the largest toy drop off ever in Alaska.

“It was great. It’s absolutely an incredible journey to give a toy to a child and see the face and the reactions that they have when they receive that toy. Not to mention the dress up in place and to to give those toys. It’s the magic of Christmas. They come together as a whole to teamwork and camaraderie. It just brings. Christmas to everybody. And we can deliver it too.” – Tom Shakey, Alaska Airlines captain

“It really does mean a lot. I’ve been able to personally hand off the toys to the children and just that smile on their faces. It’s really heartwarming.” – Sergant Nicholas Baumbach, U.S. Marine Corps

All the toys will soon be shipped to Alaska Airline hubs in the western and southeast parts of our state, the U.S. Marines Corps will then distribute them to kids in surrounding villages and communities for the holidays.