Travel Tuesday | RECAP

In honor of our one year anniversary, for this week’s Travel Tuesday we’re taking a look back at some of our top highlights…

Each Tuesday over the last year, you have joined me as we discovered new destinations, learned the history and styles of different cultures, and experienced unique adventures offered all over the world.
We’ve explored hidden gems that can be found right here in our own backyards, as well as the many great cities and seasonal events that our beautiful nation has to offer. We’ve traveled around the globe to discover the middle east and its extravagant offerings; as well as Europe, and it’s various countries, cultures, and cuisines…; We even set sail to several tropical destinations, such as the south pacific, the Caribbean, and south America, to constantly chase those pristine turquoise waters, in search of the world’s greatest beaches.

Through all of this, I hope what resonates most to our viewers, is “what a beautiful world we live in”, and that Travel is the key to experiencing it all.

We travel to see the landscapes, the art, the architecture. We go to experience new things, to meet new people, and to consider new ideas. We travel to taste the food, the wine, the exotic and the everyday of local cuisine.

We travel to learn about history, culture, and different perspectives. We journey to learn about others and, just as importantly, about ourselves. We travel to discover our differences and our similarities, and to develop an understanding of our place in the world.

We travel to explore, to escape our daily lives, to relax, to step outside ourselves and shake things up. We explore because we are curious. We travel to feel alive.

As the world slowly begins to re-open, travel is finally within our grasp again.
Borders will reopen; family, friends, and loved ones will reunite; and milestones will once again be celebrated on epic trips we’ve spent the last year wistfully dreaming about.

May these Travel Tuesday’s aid to inspire, guide, and empower you the travelers to have enriching experiences that result in cherished, life long memories.

That’s it for now, I’m Katelyn O’Shaughnessy, thank you for joining me for Travel Tuesday…