Uncooperative Man in Possession of Multiple Types of Drugs Tased

At 3:58 AM on September 20, a mid-shift patrol officer saw an occupied green Subaru Outback parked on North Klevin Street near Mountain View Drive. A computer check revealed the vehicle’s registration expired in February 2016. It was also discovered that 38-year-old Elijah P. Todd was associated with the vehicle; he had an outstanding felony warrant. The officer was able to confirm that Todd was sitting in the front passenger seat.

Once backup units arrived at the scene, one of the patrol cars blocked in the Subaru from the rear. When officers attempted to verbally engage Todd, the back seat passenger, 35-year-old Kayleigh N. O’Connor, told police the man in the car with her was not Todd. The vehicle doors were all locked and both Todd and O’Connor refused to unlock them. Multiple less-lethal warnings were given to both occupants as well as Hindering Prosecution warnings for O’Connor. More officers arrived at the location as police continued to give both Todd and O’Connor warnings and instructions which they ignored.

Officers deployed a pepper ball into the vehicle causing O’Connor to exit. She was taken into custody without further incident. Todd stayed inside the vehicle, slid over into the driver’s seat, and started up the car. A second pepper ball was deployed into the Subaru. As Todd attempted to drive away, officers adjusted the pin they had against the Subaru with their patrol cars. The Subaru became trapped between a pole and the police vehicles. It was also high centered on some rocks. Todd continued to push the gas pedal, but the Subaru didn’t move. At that point K9 Ray was released into the car but the dog did not make contact with Todd. A Taser was deployed which enabled several officers to remove Todd from the vehicle and take him into custody.

Todd was transported to the hospital for treatment due to the tasing. Todd was uncooperative with both police and medics; he refused to stand up on his own and/or walk even though he was physically able to do so. To get Todd inside the hospital for treatment, officers lifted Todd off the ground where he had sat down and placed him into a wheelchair. While moving Todd, plastic baggies containing substances fell from his person onto the ground. One of the baggies field-tested positive for meth and the other field-tested positive for heroin.

After Elijah Todd was medically cleared, he was remanded at the Anchorage Jail on his warrant. He was additionally charged with Reckless Driving, Resisting, Fail to Stop, and Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance fifth degree.

Through the investigation it was determined that Kayleigh O’Connor knew Todd’s identity and that he had a warrant for his arrest. O’Connor was evaluated at a hospital for her exposure to the pepper ball. Afterwards she was remanded at Hiland Correctional on the charges of Resisting and Hindering Prosecution first degree.