Wasilla Native Running for Mrs. AK

A Wasilla native who volunteers at Hope House, is with the non- profit art for kids and is rasing money for a Hope House classroom is running for Mrs. Alaska 2022!

Mariah Johnson will soon start teaching an art class at Hope House for kids of all ages. In order to get the class off the ground though, she needed to raise money to buy art supplies for all the kids, so she started a GoFundMe in the hopes of raising $200 and in less than one day is more than halfway there.

In a YouTube video, Johnson Stated why she was running for Mrs. Alaska.

“So I have some pretty big goals, but I just wanted to talk to you today about some goals that I have for our kids. The reason I’m running again primarily is for two reasons. I wanted to make sure that I am accountable to make sure that art for kids is a success and that I have people supporting the cause to provide art supplies for children all over the state of Alaska. I’ll be volunteering my time at the Hope House for Art Therapy for kids.

I’m not a therapist, but I can do arts and crafts with kids. Yes, I have my own children. So anyway, I wanted to raise $200 to provide art supplies for the whole college, and this would provide all sorts of different arts and crafts for kids to do while they stay there.

So it’s an overnight place where families can go that need a place to stay. They also provide meals, they provide counseling and things like that. So it’s brand new. They just opened in October. So I just wanted to volunteer my time there, and it will help a lot if I have adequate supplies to help the kiddos.

So it really depends on what the what the child is interested in. Some kids are really into Play-Doh watercolor, you know, acrylic painting, and I have some teenagers who might want to do some more serious painting, some little little kids, you know, two years old that maybe you want to do, you know, just finger painting.

It just depends on their age and what they’re interested in and art therapy could. It’s it’s so beneficial and it’s such a coping mechanism. And I, I just want to help kids.” – from video transcript