Wasilla PD’s GrowNation AK | Update

‘No Shave November’ is almost over, and so is the Wasilla Police Department’s GrowNation AK fundraiser.

With only 8 days left and less than $500 to go, here are more officer’s before and after shots.

Up first, we have Officer Clauson, Sergeant Sheveland, and Officer Moyer, who are thrilled to be bearded buddies together on shift.

According to the Wasilla PD’s Facebook Page, Sgt Sheveland would take a serious picture only occasionally, but the Facebook author admits they can’t fault him for sticking his tongue out at his long suffering PIO who makes him walk outside for a picture when it’s -12 degrees outside.

Officers Clauson and Moyer just made vague grumbling noises, this is also an acceptable reaction to the current weather.

Next, we have The Man. They Myth. The Legend. Chief Smith’s fabulous start to bearded retirement.

Their partnership with GrowNation AK this year helped to jump-start the classic “Post-Retirement Beard” many law enforcement, fire, and military members seem to think is required upon freedom from shaving standards. According to their Facebook, None of the employees working at WPD have ever seen the Chief with so much hair in person; though once upon a time he did have a pony-tail.

And finally, we have an officer who Wasilla PD is not too happy with. You might look at this side by side photo of bearded progression on Lieutenant Rader’s face and see nothing particularly noteworthy. You’d be wrong though. If you look closely at the background of the second photo you’ll see green grass and blue ocean.

How is that possible in Alaska with the November we’ve had? According to the Facebook post, he managed to leave state for somewhere tropical and warm as the rest of us suffered through the coldest weeks in November since the 1960s.

Turn that spite into a positive action by joining our fundraiser for GrowNation AK. You are more than welcome to donate to literally any other officer who didn’t fly off to the tropics while the rest of us froze.