What Does the Future Hold for Anchorage

Building the future of Anchorage is always an adventure. Your Alaska Link’s Ian Stewart reports on the like minded individuals looking to innovate the city.

Anchorage is an ever growing city and plans to modernize and improve upon. What we have has been on the minds of the people of the city today business people, community leaders and the public got together today to learn about the possible future of Anchorage’s economy. The Anchorage economic development corporation posted their three year outlook luncheon today at the Den’ina Center. Your Alaska Link got a chance to talk with the head of the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation’s, Bill Popp, about the city’s future.

“I think we’re on the cusp to a great renaissance for the city of Anchorage. I think that there is a growing will and a growing sense of need for change, a need for rethinking how we do things in our city.”

Popp also pointed out that the beneficial thing about Anchorage is that the city has room to grow and is always looking to innovate.

“The palette is blank and we can paint that picture any way we want to paint it. We just have to decide that we want to do something different, something new and innovative.”

And for Anchorage, what better time to start than now?

“We’ve got to start taking that first step or to decide we’re going somewhere. This is where we’re going. This is what we want to see at the end of that journey. How do we get there?”

As Anchorage looks to the future, some of the development will take place here where the old 4th avenue theater currently stands. Mayor Dave Bronson was also at the luncheon. He spoke about some of the commercial and housing developments in the downtown area.

“These projects are substantial investments that will bring hotels, retail space and much needed housing to downtown and create hundreds of jobs in the process.”

One thing that was evident at today’s luncheon is that most people who attended have a strong belief that the economic future of Anchorage is bright. Ian Stewart Your Alaska Link.